◎The Sweet Touch Series from Taiwan Beer enhances your taste experience, a wonderful fermentation of juice and beer.

◎It contains natural and fresh white grape juice (~9%). Alcohol content sits at 3.5%, allowing the fruit beer to be a fun drink, super easy to consume yet retains the ability to leave us slightly tipsy. Without the bitterness of beer or the taste of spirits, it satisfies our craving for a little dessert sweetness and quench our thirst for some drinks. 

◎Airen white grape juice is used to create this perfect combination of fresh and natural fruit flavor with beer, bringing to the table a twist to our usual beer. Palate is a blend of fruity sweetness and malty smoothness, with a refreshing and lingering finish.


Product of Taiwan.

TTL Sweet Touch White Grape Fruit Beer 6's x 330ml, Alc. 3.5%


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