Made with the best yuzu citrus 100% grown on the Shikoku island in Japan. Our product is 100% natural. That means we don’ t use acidulants, flavorings, colorings, artificial sweeteners or other additives, so you can fully appreciate the authentic deliciousness of yuzu. Enjoy the real flavor & natural bitterness of yuzu in one sip. Excellent on its own or with soda, great mixable for cocktails. 


Choya 3 Years

A Japanese fruit liqueur made with ume (ume is a type of unripe, acidic plum - often enjoyed pickled) which has been aged for 3 years before bottling by Choya. Enjoy as a digestif.


A rich sweetness with a touch of tart fruit, balanced by elegant spiced oak.

ABV: 15%


Choya Single Year

A fine example of a Japanese Umeshu liqueur, made from the Nanko ume fruit (it's like a cross between a plum and an apricot) and sugar cane. This premium Umeshu was crafted from various batches of matured Umeshu and at least three different Ume liqueurs, which had been aged mature between one and two years, then married together. 


Full-bodied plum dominates among wild honey and candied orange.


Product of Japan.



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